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I would like to share this article with you all as felt that as my self as car learner their may many more who donít kow ABCD of car and car features this article will help you to understand the addition features of the car which will help you in buying car.

The basic features looked at when buying a car is the engine capacity, technology, style, performance, interiors, special features, fuel economy, color, and driving comfort. The price also plays a major role. Every optional special feature added to the car, adds to the car price. However, most people install features without even realizing what they are only because they look cool or because their friends advised them to install it. Following is a list of some of the features that you can choose to have in your car.

Air Conditioning: The air circulation within the cabin cools the car and also maintains a comfortable temperature for the passengers. It is useful during the summer and for long drives. During rain, an air conditioner acts as a partial de-mistifier to provide better vision. It also increases the resale value of the car. However, it consumes more fuel than when the car is running without it, resulting in low mileage.

ABS (anti-lock bracking systems): This devise protects and prevents brakes from getting stuck or locked. It is very useful in emergency situations. The ABS helps the car from skidding and reduces the stopping distance preventing accidents in most cases. However, the initial cost and additional maintenance can be a hindrance.

Automatic Transmission: A transmission is the gear stick and gear shifts in a car.Most cars today come with the option of a manual or automatic transmission. The automatic transmission makes driving easy and effortless. It is very useful on uphill and mountainous terrain. However, an automatic does not give the same acceleration or thrill as a manual and therefore racing and sharp overtaking is often a problem.

Central Locking System: This is an important safety feature in a car. Some systems automatically lock and release all doors of the car based on gear shifts (a neutral gear will unlock the doors) and some based on car ignition (starting the car locks the doors and switching it off opens the doors). Usually these systems come with a remote key option. This sort of system ensures the safety of the car. However, it is an added expense and the battery and electronic system require regular maintenance to work effectively.

Cruise Control: This system controls the speed of a car automatically. Once the speed is set by the driver, the cruise control system maintains the car at this constant speed. It is very helpful during long trips and avoids accidents due to tiredness or poor visibility. It also provides better fuel efficiency. However, it is an added cost to the car and requires monthly maintenance.

Integrated Child Seat: A regular adult seat can be converted into a child seat using this equipment, which is furnished with its own safety seatbelts. This ensures a childís safety and stays secure even on bumpy roads. This equipment takes up an entire adultís space and can lead to discomfort if there are more number of people to be accommodated.

Hope this article might have gave you a insight on the addition features of the car. If you are just a learner(car) then go for second hand cars. You will get online details for second hand cars from many sites i.e.,,, etc.

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