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    Smile Hey everybody (

    Hi everyone I'm new to bloggerhub, I'm a 25yr old male living in Oregon. I started my first blog at the end of last year but got distracted and hadn't had a new post since September. I'm getting back into writing so I would appreciate it if you guys stopped by and checked it out sometime. Address is in the title. Hope to hear from you all and to check out some cool blogs.

    ~ Isiah

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    New Zealand


    Hi Isiah, I am also new on Just came to introduce myself and find out who else is new. I went over to your site and like your post on Ghana. I was going to submit a comment however, when i tried to post it - it came up with a catcha requirement/verification word. The problem is I couldn't see where I was supposed to type the verification in.

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    Nice blog,

    though it is true, that this captcha stuff is not really working properly... you should check that out.

    Good posts on sports, the football was quite brilliant! Congrats, keep up the good work!

    Anyways, I hope to see you on my page too at www


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