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Thread: Blog content is it impotant

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    Blog content is it impotant

    I often wonder is it very important to have good content for a blog. Is it very difficult to earn from blog and signing up for adsense. The very first thing after signing with and posting some post you are able to participate in adsense programme so does that mean that your money bank will start spining. Let us discuss about money adsense and blog. How people can improve without buying any plans or any SEO tools


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    You also needs lots and lots of traffic. Getting traffic is not easy.

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    Earning with AdSense definitely takes a while. You need both quality content with good key words and traffic. For me, coming up with content is not a problem. It's getting traffic, so promoting your blog is as important as updating it.

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    Content is King

    Content as they say is King , Queen and Kingdom all rolled into one. Your blog should have frequent postings full of original content. Your keywords should be present in the headings, links and within the posts. After you post you should always ping the major search engines.

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    The content is small matter but to get traffic huhu so difficult

    The formula:
    High Traffic = High Earnings

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    yup..getting traffic is a major problem..I barely get 20-30 unique visitors everyday..I used to reach 120 unique visitors for 2 days in row. that was when an article of mine was put on, it's back to normal rate..sigh..
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    I agree, getting traffic is NOT easy, and without traffic, no one clicks on the ads.

    There are other better ways to make money online - please click on my blog (see signature) to see they ones I've found through bitter trial and error!

    I am looking for tips to increase traffic though - does anyone have any?

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    Yes I totally agree with all of you , even if my blog content is good, I do not seem to get traffic to it, it becomes frustrating after a while....... wish there was an easier way
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