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    Making money...

    Are most people that have blogs trying to make money off it?

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    I know I am, I have seen a report that 1.2 million americans blog for money. What I am curious about, do people actually click on the ads? It might be me but I really do not expect people to ever click on the ads on my blog. Do you know if anyone has had success from Adsense?

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    well if you need to succed you need to manage atleast 5 domain and try updating yovr blog wit quality content for me i make about 10~15 $ daily
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    Trading forex is much better than blogs cause creating a blog is a prolonged process where people can earn quick money from the Forex marketplace here, anyone can make 1M within one day, so to get started in this business, people can use FreshForex broker since they are on the marketplace for more than 20 years.

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