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Thread: Advice to women before getting married!!

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    Cool Advice to women before getting married!!

    Having known that some women or let me say young ladies just rush into marriage just because he said he loves them, or because they think he is Cool, they forget to consider all the other necessary things that he (the man) should posses to be a good husband. In this post, I will give some advice all women should heed to before getting themselves into marriage.

    Dear Women, not every man is a Husband material ,some are friendzone materials, some are sex mate materials, some are baby-papa materials, some are husband materials, some are father materials, some are boyfriend material. The first advice is to Marry a Man that has the qualities of a Brother, Husband and Father. Some of you, get into marriage with men who have no business being married. Let me tell you this that Marriage is not for everybody.There are some men that are not wired to function in matrimony, so getting married to such a man will be like hell on earth. Therefore, don't allow marriage desperation or societal pressure to push you into the arms of a man who is not ready or suited for matrimony.

    The second advice is to look around yourself and find a man who is also ready to settle down for marriage. Nowadays most men get married just for the status or because their friends are getting married and they want to feel amomg. Those kind of men will just marry wives and keep for their mothers and fathers to look after. For instance a man who got married and travelled out of the country for 5, 6 and even 7 years without coming home to see their wife or even contacing them via social media to know how they are, I mean what is that?
    You shouldn't be theoretically married. Marriage must be practical. Some men are just very selfish. Take this from me, a selfish man can never be a good husband. Matrimony thrives on mutualism. It is a give and take situation.

    Some Illogical Reasons Why you should Marry him.
    1. Don't marry him because you are pregnant for him.
    2. Don't marry him because he deflowered you.
    3. Don't marry him because you are unemployed.
    4. Don't marry him because you've dated him for long.
    5. Don't marry him because you invested in him financially.

    Listed above are some stupid and unintelligent reasons why you should even think of getting married to a man. Instead, Marry him because you believe he is worthy of being called your Husband and the father of your unborn kids. There are men everywhere but Husbands are scarce.

    And If you are a man reading this post don't make it a gender war. And don't take it personal. This post is for women. I know there are unwifable women but that's a post for another day. Thank you for your understanding.

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    Good advices

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    i like this! good work

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    01|Never stay with a man

    When a woman falls in love, she moves to the man's house, washes her clothes and cooks, sleeps with him, thinking that this will make her feelings more stable. In fact, this is really a big mistake.

    Cohabitation, can not exchange men's commitment to you;

    Sex, it is also impossible to consolidate the relationship between you;

    If you are not married, you will become a cooker, and the result will only completely lose your mystery.

    When a man does not marry you, he can enjoy almost all the benefits of marriage, will he cherish you?

    What's more, the cohabitation relationship is not like marriage. The breakup does not produce any cost. If one day he is tired and wants to separate, it is also a zero-burden thing, and there is not much scruples like divorce.

    02|Always keep women's restraint

    When a woman is dressed very sexy and her behavior is more active, the man will judge that the woman is easy to catch up and will be more willing to interact with her. The so-called female chasing men's compartment yarn, this is the case.

    However, he will also make a big question mark in his heart: If I can get you so easily, then what about other men? ... Although he is happy to make an appointment with you, he will never consider you.

    Men will always be attracted to those sexy and unrestrained women, but they will eventually be embarrassed, always a reserved woman who can make him feel "safe and secure."

    Therefore, as a woman, from the first time to see, before the man proposes to you, still try to hold it!

    03|Never play with men

    Why do many men like to mess up? Because he wants to take advantage of you, but he doesn't want to be responsible.

    You stunned, dated, rolled up the sheets, and woke up the next morning. He pretended to ask you awkwardly: "Can we still be friends in the future?" What can you do at this time? You can only admit that you are unlucky!

    Therefore, if he really wants to associate with you, he must formally declare it. Otherwise, you should not confuse him with him. In this way, you can avoid yourself from being hurt to the greatest extent possible.

    As a girl, I like a boy again, and I don’t want to spend more than three weeks in the flood season. Holding hands and taking a kiss, this is the final bottom line. If he has further requirements, you have to say, "I feel a little confused, what is the relationship now?"

    If he confesses this, then formally associate. If he still has nothing to say, then it is still here.

    04|Never rely too much on men

    If a man says "I raise you" with love, you should be happy, but don't be serious, don't turn around and really give your job!

    Or you can calm down, first calculate your monthly rent, clothes bags, skin care cosmetics, friends gatherings... Add one plus, and ask yourself: If you really resign, let men raise you, others Can you give me so much money every month?

    Many women mistakenly believe that men are more inclined to like the weak girls, so that they have more superiority and protection. But that is just a kind of "life interest" that men like, and they don't count. The real truth is this: men sometimes like girls to show weakness, but they don't like girls who are really weak.

    Everyone, people are stepping on low, and the same is true of feelings. You are independent, have decent work, and glamorous clothes. Naturally, there are various men who are eager to pay attention to you and tell you that they want to raise you; but you have no work, no income, no water in your head, no money in your pocket, they only I will hide from you like a plague, and I will never give you a gift in the snow.

    05|Always make decisions on your own

    How to find an object, find what object, you must always make decisions on your own, don't let other people do it for you. The "others" mentioned here include: your parents.

    Many people didn't like the other half. They only got married because their parents agreed. As a result, if the marriage had a problem, they would shirk their responsibilities to their parents.

    There are still some people who are in love with each other. Just because their parents disapprove, they chose to break up. After breaking up, they have been reluctant and shirked their responsibilities to their parents.

    But then again, your feelings have failed, how can you shirk your responsibility, or are you still suffering?

    In fact, as an adult, we must know the initiative to master our own life and bear all the consequences for our choice. The so-called free choice, bitter and happy, this is the performance of a person's maturity.

    It’s not just looking for an object, every decision in life, whether others are in favor or against it, and ultimately taking on all the consequences, it can only be our own!

    06|Never give a man a forced marriage

    Never force a man to marry, the reason is simple:

    Useless. Not interesting.

    When you start to enter a relationship, you must be very calm from beginning to end. Don't wait to get the other person to marry you. Simply put, you are not rare at all!

    A woman like you, a man who queues up to you can be discharged from Futian Port to Shekou Ferry, so the person who should be anxious is definitely not you, but he, the woman must have this point, right?

    Think about it, if you can show such confidence, will men be afraid that you will force him to get married? He will only worry about how to marry you every day, afraid to be rejected by you, right?

    In the matter of getting married, it is up to him to propose to you, not to force you to marry.

    If he is not asking for marriage, and the suggestion to you is pretending to be incomprehensible, then you are forced to use marriage. This is true of many men. When you catch up, he will run away. He is not asking for marriage, the reason is nothing more than this: he thinks you are not good enough, but for the time being can not find better. In this case, then you might consider breaking up and stop the loss in time.

    Furthermore, even if you are really married to this man, you can show such confidence, you can give yourself and the other space and freedom, you have no interest in supervising him every day, from time to time Transforming him, if he makes you very dissatisfied, then you can leave him at any time. It is such a kind of self-confidence. Instead, let the man feel that you are charming and willing to spend more time and energy to understand you, please you, and do it. A more qualified husband.

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    This advice is a very good advice for women in general . I am a male myself so have to be careful about whom to marry or not.

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    Very well said, you have to be careful who you marry!

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    i like this! good work

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    good idea that you said this

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    its inspiring

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