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    am new and feel this place is dry no one is online

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    Feb 2005
    I am calling all my friends to join this wonderful forum. You will never be lonely here anymore

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    well thank you for that wonderful thought how exactly are you going to get your friend to join, it will take some persuading like say you tell them they get paid for posting. tried that on my friend today almost worked until she realised she would have to post about 2000+ before getting a free hosted site.

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    Feb 2005
    afrosmile, you should have at least link back to on your site, like i do.
    do them a favour and support them.

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    i don't even consider my site to be looked at by anybody but i do tell people about bloggerhub in real life. why am i linking back to their site theres nothing on my site thats theres

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    plus maybe i don't know much about bloggerhub but what am i supporting i really just landed myself on the forum i don't know much about this place

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