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Thread: Stop touching my blog!

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    Thumbs up Stop touching my blog!

    This forum is pretty new i see

    For now - [url][/url]

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    Hi MindSmack,

    In fact, your blog is really "Stop touching my blog"

    I'm jayzee here. Nice to meet you.

    btw, Where are you located?

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    If I can't touch your blog, what can I do to kill the bordem then?

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    lol I wanna molest your blog ^_^

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    Atleast you got to say that "stop touching my blog" ohhhh, what I would have done to have said" please stop touching my Blog", Instead I find it easier with my Bitch dog who had learned a few tricks of her own like "walking the Blog", and once shortly after I had blogged a whole carton of Dramamine and experienced the vivid halucinations of pixels dancing in odd yet sequential rythm like teenie weenie pixies and the sounds of pittar patter on my house roof with a jingle jangle Chris Kringel only but an inch away from rubbing my own belly to make a wish, My lovable doggie ,La Gordita the Jumping Banana, just got the the forever famous "Around the Blog" trick down tightly and nicely and has become her masterpiece and My Blog ache!... Ohhh How I wish I could "say stop touching my blog"

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