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Thread: Need to add a super slim border to my image

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    Need to add a super slim border to my image

    Hi all,

    I'm pretty new to photoshop. I have tried to find ways to add a slim border around my blog button. So far, i'm still unable to get it done in the way i like.
    Can someone suggest a good way for me to add a real SLIM border to my blog button?

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    use css instead.

    create a class in your stylesheet file (.css)

    something like...
    .button {
    border:1px solid #hexadecimalcolor;

    then wrap your image in a span class wherever it will appear on the page.

    < span class = button > [img code for button] < /span>

    hope that helps.

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    Is it possible to create the border using photoshop?

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    Sure it is possible. I don't use photoshop, but ANY decent photo editing software will allow you to change and modify pixel by pixel usually with a tool. You will need to edit the image to do this in some type of a toolbox.

    The suggestion in the above post is a quick and easy way to do the same thing. Also in the general html IMG command there is a BORDER sub tag. Ussualy set to border="0" Try adding border="1" and see what happens....

    format: <img src="" border="1"> </img>

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    You can even use ms paint for all you want. Why must it be photoshop?

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