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Thread: Worst movie of all time

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    Worst movie of all time

    Alright so I am going to write a story on my findings. So far this will be source #3 for where I am collecting data.

    I want to know what the worst movie of all time is? So give you answers your reasons and even argue (in a nice way) about the worst movie.

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    I dont know the title, but the last 3 minutes where 2 guys sitting at a table just nodding at each other. A website that I visit had the video and called it the worst movie ending of all time. And it was pretty bad. But I dont know what movie it was off of.

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    A work of art cant be worst at all - this is my feeling, even worst movies have some admirers. It all depends on what is your perception.

    Personally, I never got caught in a situation where I am watching a very bad movie. I will check the reviews before watching any movie.

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    Yes even bad movies have something to say

    yes even bad movies have somthing to say. It is that there are somewho will not like things in movies. But my choice of movies is almost everything john wayne made but there are some i can stand to watch over and over and others i will only watch if something else is not on. I also love to watch perry mason movies and the old tv 30 minutes shows.
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    The worst movie I ever saw was a fil called "Leprechaun" which was shown on the Zone movie channel. There was nothing else on TV on night and I just stayed with it to the end because of that. By the end I was gobsmacked - I never realised it was possible to make such an incredibley bad movie

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    But the view of Jennifer's legs was well worth this bad movie, LOL

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    Adam Sandler's

    Spanglish. It was horrible.

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    Currently I think the worst movie ever is The Goods. The actors are terrible and the humor is lame. It was hard to sit through.

    Also, Jumper is a pretty shit movie too.

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    As far as leprecaun went I thought it was hilarious. I even have it on DVD.
    I do agree the good was a terrible movie but I will have to say 30 going on 13 is the movie I hated the most. Actually its real close with Very Bad Things, this is the only movie I walked out on in the theatre. Ice Age 2 was pretty bad as well.

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