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Thread: Desperate Housewives Season 5 Finale

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    Desperate Housewives Season 5 Finale

    What a great ending to a season. I was impressed with the way that they went about these last two episodes. It’s got everything in it to make you want more. What will happen to Katherine if it isn’t her under the veil? Will she leave the show? Lynette pregnant again with twins, that will be very interesting. Gabi and Carlos raising a teenager, Bree and Orson still together… I am not so sure since sparks are flying between her and Karl. Season 6 will be filled with great stories I think. I am glad that Dave is now out of the picture. It was kind of getting to me, stretched maybe a little further than I had expected. Anyways, great ending! Just cannot wait for Season 6 now. Apparently it is expected that the new season will start in September 2009. Will they again jump ahead another 5 years into the future when the season starts? Let me know what you think! [URL=""][/URL]
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    It's was enjoyable until it ended.

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    I have just started watching season 8.

    The journey till now was awesome.
    I love Susan. Who else?

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