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Thread: Adsense $ per day + how long has your site been active?

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    Adsense $ per day + how long has your site been active?

    Thinking of starting a blog related to yoga and software & throwing on adsense. Wondering...

    1) Is this a decent niche. Should I even expect to get any $ from it? Of course I'm assuming that I put on good and fresh content, etc.

    2) What is normal per day amounts for everyone, and also if you reply, how long have you been going at it? I just want to be realistic about the $ and know what I'm getting into.
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    Yoga and associated keywords seem to have a high search volume. You may find it difficult to get onto Google page 1. How much you will earn with Adsense will depend on traffic and keyword value. The Google keyword tool shows that most yoga keywords are worth a bit, so that's good news. We are told that the average click through rate for blogs is 2%-5%. Some get more depending on niche. Like most of us you will probably make some money with Adsense from one blog, but not a lot.


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