is expanding and we are looking for sales/marketing executives to join us.

Below are a list of benefits:

- 20% Commission of all sales (More depend on performance)
- Work remotely & from home

What are the requirements?

- Active on the internet
- Experience with selling Web hosting, VPS, Dedicated server, Video streaming, Voice server, Shoutcast/icecast streaming, eCommerce etc solutions.
- Age : 16 & onward
- Must be friendly and hold a professional tone at all times
- Able to meet minimum monthly sales target
- Location: US, UK, China, CA, AUS, Asia . All are welcome!

Please send your resume with the following filled in to jobs[at] if you are interested.

1. A simple introduction about yourself and why you feel this position best suit you.
2. The media through which you can advertise
3. Other languages you can speak

+ Remember to change [at] to @ before email us.