Sexy actress Isla Fisher has admitted she detests shopping despite her role in the Confessions of a Shopaholic.

The movie, based on Sophie Kinsella's famous novel, follows a designer label addict around New York as she tries to overcome her credit card busting habit.

Isla, 33, plays giddy character Becky Bloomwood, but says she'd rather slob about in pyjamas and ugg boots then splash the cash on flashy clobber.

The Wedding Crashers star prefers to snub glitzy parties in favour of a quiet night in front of the TV with funnyman husband Sascha Baren Cohen.

Isla insists she is a far cry from her shoe-addicted alter ego Becky: "I dont really like shopping, its a bit of a drag to be honest.'

"I dont feel any pressure to own all the bright and shiny objects in the film.

"I'm nothing like that character and I couldn't keep that up.

"The character unfortunately focuses too much of her attention on appearences and what's on the outside.

"I am quite the opposite. I'm definitely not a fashionista!

"I couldn't stay long in heels, I would rather be at home in my pyjamas and uggs .