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    Looking for people

    Hello, I'm a 22 year old italian boy.

    I would like to start a blog about communication.

    In particular, about unknown aspects of communication such as unconscious communication, gestures, secret linguistic patterns and so on, but I would be glad of expanding the range of issues.

    I'm looking for people to create an international team of 4-7 members.

    I've got a poor informatic background, so I'm also looking for somebody who could be able to design the blog graphics and technically run the site.
    He/She should also be interested in taking part to the project and blog for it.

    I'm looking for people coming from all the world to build a team of bloggers.

    I would be glad of finding people coming from different places and different backgrounds.

    At the end of october I will select the "applicants". I have received 44 applications and I will select a maximum of 8 for the team.

    The ideal candidate is/has got :

    - 18/25 year old
    - unemployed
    - student
    - good web writing skills
    - able to write once a week
    - interested in the project and in its development

    Always respecting the general topic of the blog, it would be great to find people with some experience in all of this fields:

    Linguistics, NLP, Psychology, Crime, Web 2.0, Writing, Politics, Cinema, Literature, Theology.

    People with other kind of bakgrounds and interests are encouraged to contact me as well.

    You can write me an email: danielevirgillito 4T

    Thank you for your attention

    P.S.: I would be grateful to you if you could suggest me other websites in which I could recruit bloggers interested in my project.

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    Hello! Nice to meet you!

    Hello! Nice to meet you!

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