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Thread: Is home based online businesse is a reliable thing on which I can depend for earning

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    Is home based online businesse is a reliable thing on which I can depend for earning

    Hello! Friends I have just retired three months back and do not receive any pension because I was working in a private firm. Now days I am facing certain financial crisis which are really harassing me mentally. Is there any online business which I can do by sitting at home? Please help me.

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    There are so many links/tools online that ia available for us to start a home based business and make money online.
    Whilst some of them work , most of the rest simply just convince you to part with a small part of your money in a bid to earn big bucks! Apparently, based on some reports which I have read, up to 98% of online marketing ventures fail. So that makes only 2% successful ones, which is why I have decided to venture into online marketing but not invest in online marketing tools.

    I know some people will ask, how can you make lots of money without investing? But personally, in this online marketing senario, I'd rather earn small than to lose big. Would you agree?

    Anyway, no harm signing up and trying out some of these free passive income generating tools. I suppose these should only be regarded as a supplement to your income and not the main source of your income.
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    Yes, if you can purchase home with appropriate papers then it's safe but if you have less power and knowledge then can trade different currencies at FreshForex broker since it's 100% reliable than others.

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