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Thread: Any good blog hosted in the UK?

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    Any good blog hosted in the UK?


    I would like to start blogging but I am interested in doing that through a blog that is hosted in the United Kingdom. If someone know a good one, please let me know.

    Thank you

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    Try [url][/url] . They host UK websites on their uk based server.

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    if u also looking for US can find [url][/url]
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    Smile Bluehost is not bad

    My blog is base all over the world, not only UK. But I don't think this is the point. Mine is at the host of Bluehost, I think it's a good choice., this is my blog, you can click it to test its response time at UK.

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    it is up to your use.there are many sources ,you can search it on google. may be what i give is limited or it is not what you need.
    occasional chance got what i need on

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