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Thread: Help to increase traffic

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    Help to increase traffic

    Our site is drawing somewhat good hits, our site counter is @ 999 after one month of operation, but we would like to get more traffic.

    We've listed on most of the catalog sites, but were looking for some more ways to increase traffic... we're open to any suggestions. Thanks.

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    Sure to get banned from Adsense?

    I have heard traffic exchange programs get you banned from Adsense?

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    One more thing keep doing link submission ( not through software as it comes under scanner ) ... we will get lot of traffic from different source...


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    Quote Originally Posted by vinpanther View Post
    I have heard traffic exchange programs get you banned from Adsense?
    Absolutely right, quickest way to get banned from Adsense. I just use traffic exchanges for affiliate program pages.
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    write good articles.
    Online Opportunities

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    Please help me guyz, how can i raise my PR.

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    Very good information, plan to use some of this information in the near future.

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    I find that the best way to increase traffic is by posting on forums. You get good traffic from people that are interested in the topic, and so are more likely to come back again.

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    having an interesting and relevant sites are some of the factors that visitors are looking for..
    also, having a unique content..
    submitting your site to different directories and social bookmarking sites can increase your traffic..
    yup!!.. joining forums is another way..

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    thanks for all your advices..
    check out my blog...

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