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Thread: Adsense and Wordpress Help

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    Adsense and Wordpress Help

    I have a wordpress blog and have adsense posted, but I have it in a widget. Is this the correct way to post the adsense with my wordpress blog? I have been getting a good number of visitors but no clicks and not enough credit for impressions so I was wondering if I was doing it correctly?
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    Nope thas not the best way to do it, i have lots of tips on my website so check it out.

    The best way to integrate Adsense ads into your wordpress blog is use a good free available wordpress adsense template such as prosense. This has a very high click through rate and i suggest you get this if you want to monetize the traffic your getting.

    If you need any help just post a new question and then pm the link that way everyone should hopefully benifit.

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    I think u should try to put ads many position on your blog and notice which position work.
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    Tried the widget ones but it didnt work too

    Yes, i tried it ones and same with you it didnt work. I am not sure if it is the same plugin as yours. But i use "WhyWorkwithAdsense".

    What i did right now is that i edit the code myself and add the adsense on different positions. Wallah! it works!

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