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Thread: Trying to get her attention but keep my ex at bay

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    Trying to get her attention but keep my ex at bay

    So there is this new girl I met I really want to hang out with, but everytime I get around her she stays for like 3 minutes and then wanders off. I'm extremely shy when she is around so I feel like a complete tool with no game. Is there any way for me to get over this shyness and just be me?

    Also, my ex is still around to, and wants us back together and I kind of do to, but we just fight alot. And so therefore I want to hang with this other girl even more to see if there is a connection and whether or not I should give my ex another chance. I'm not real big on relationships, or relationship experience as I have avoided them in the past.

    So any ideas?
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    Don't be too shy... Actually before I get along with my partner he being very shy, but thank God he willing to tell his feeling for me...and about your ex; better stay away from her for a while. Then maybe you know which girl you like more

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    She stays for only 3 minutes? Go chew on some Clorets first. If she has to hold her breath more than 4 minutes she'll be brain-dead.

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