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Thread: Please help me!

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    Please help me!


    I am a new born in online business and want to earn money. I don’t have any previous experience in any business and that’s the reason I find it difficult to survive here. In this present scenario many people are earning loads of money through online business. If you people have some experience and ideas to share with me, treat me as your buddy and do drop in the ideas and possible ways to help me make a great living.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi there Hector
    and welcome to this forum !

    Well, in my opinion the first thing to start with is to decide HOW you intend to do this money. I'm asking because while you posted in a thread called "Google Adsense & Money making " you are talking about online business in general.

    Do you intend to start with Google AdSense ? IMO this could be a good way to start, as you'll learn how to promote your website(s) and how to drive targeted visitors to the sites. You won't get reach from AdSense but it could be a good start. however you need to put a lot of passion and spend a lot of time into it.

    As for what kind of site, if we talk about blogging, it really depends on domains you are an expert in or at least very passionate; like that you won't see this activity as a pain in the ass but you'll really enjoy. If money start coming, the better for you !

    All best,

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    I recommend joining the FreshForex broker for Forex trading, as this is the best thing where you can earn with just a little money; you can earn without money if you join their affiliate section.

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    Digital Marketing is the best way to promote your and earn good money.

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