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    Hey there! [url=""]ZZ OpenWeb[/url] is a phpNuke driven Blogging / Flash Game Portal experimenting in developing a GROUP BLOG with an Interactive Point System! If you are looking for something different stop by and join us. If for no other reason than for the fun of it!! Registered members have access to blogging tools, freeware, and a host of V3 Flash Arcade games. We also set up a Search Engine optimized [url=""]OpenWeb Links Directory[/url] the help new bloggers get their sites indexed by the major search engines. Stop by and check us out then come back to BloggerHub and provide your review !! We would love to hear from you on how we can make our site better for our members.


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    The page took forever to load, and Iím on a very fast connection. I must admit all the scrolling text made me feel dizzy. The page is so crowded that even after staring at it for a little while, I was confused about what it is supposed to be.

    Now, donít take this the wrong way. There are definitely lots of efforts put into the site and I feel improving its accessibility could just improve it

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