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Thread: Where to look for honest information???

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    Where to look for honest information???

    Hi guys,
    I saw lot of advertisements for different courses and stuff about how to make money on the net. However, I feel much of it is just fraud. Can anyone here give me some genuine tips on how a beginner can start or where to look for the correct information?

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    What kind of info are you looking for ?
    Roseli A. Bakar

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    Well first of all, don't ever pay for information - the sites that ask you to pay to learn how to make money online are all scams. There is a lot of free information out there, not least on people's blogs. You might wish to start with looking at my blog (see signature). Click on the sitemap in the sidebar for the full list of things I've tried and what has worked and what hasn't.

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    Regarding forex and cryptocurrencies, you can refer to the education section of the FreshForex broker and check WikiHow. Another thing is that if you trade, you should do demo trading for at least half a year.

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