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Thread: Google adsense money not easy

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    You can publish a document in for traffic.
    If that document is a hit, you will be able to drive traffic to your site.

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    Smile hai there!

    as same happen to me. i already made $2.11 since i blogging....
    very tough to make money with adsense

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    what's document?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lckem View Post
    Hi mizanbdit,

    I've just visited your website, it was quite nicely done.
    I suppose you need to drive more targeted traffic into
    your website before you see any result.

    Anyway keep up your hard work.
    Success is just one step ahead if you fight on and Never Quit !


    TARGETED TRAFFIC is the key to success!! It can make you a fortune, if you know how to get targeted traffic.. if possible for free!!

    There are thousands of possible ways to go.. The point is, not every way is „the right“ way..
    On this short, hopefully not too overloaded, step-by-step guide i'll tell you how to get some of the tricks of my how-to-get-targeted-traffic-Repertoire..

    Let's start with the 1st point (it'll be important in the next steps, so do it carefully!!):

    At the beginning of your marathon of promoting the maybe nice looking and informative (but at no way well-known) website/blog you should make a file (.txt or something) where you put the most important information together.

    Begin with the URL, URL of the RSS-Feed (if you use a wordpress blog, it is something like „wwwDOTyoursiteDOTcom/feed“), most important 5 keywords/keyphrases and then the description. The description should include your most important keywords. Otherwise it would not make sense..

    All that should look like this (example for my free-ebook-blog

    URL: wwwDOTebook-chicoDOTde
    RSS-Feed: wwwDOTebook-chicoDOTde/feed/

    Keywords: index of pdf, index of free, free ebooks on, make much money, aint got no money, internet get rich, gettin rich (i used a bit more keywordphrases, but you should make it with only 5)

    Description: index of pdf, index of FREE ebooks, EVERY ebook on this site is FOR FREE, make MUCH MONEY even if you aint got not money on the internet to make it big and gettin rich.
    remember: it is at NO COST for you!!! so make your way on the internet, get rich!

    Search on Google's Keyword Tool
    what others are looking for..
    Don't use only single words,
    but a number of words together.. e.g. „shoes“ is bad,
    because so many sites deal with shoes
    but if you have a niche like „tennis shoes“ or „shoes for tennis“, might be great
    results on it..
    Take a look for wordphrases many people
    are looking for, but if possible with
    less competitors on it!! Thats quite important
    becaus if you use PPC-Advertising (talk about that later on)
    your ads might be extremely expensive
    and be SURE, i mean it!!!!!!

    Ok, the preparation is done..
    Let's get started with the actual promotion process!

    To not let it be too overloaded, I'll only talk about 6 steps to traffic streams, which can increase your income to tremedously figures, if you do it the right way!

    1st step:
    Start making your website/blog search engine friendly.. That is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).. What you should NOT do is to submit your website before i tell you to, because it is better to do it, if you have optimised your site a bit..

    Check up, if your related keywords and keyphrases are on your page a few times, on every post, article or whatever.. try to include them whenever its possible, but be careful not to spam!!! spam could break your neck on the internet!!!!

    SEO includes much more, but i only mention this point..

    2nd step:
    Make a Google-Sitemap on your Site.. Many tips are posted all over the web and its explained how to do it.. If you have a Google Sitemap, it is easily to the Google-Bots to crawl your site, if there is something new on it.
    Might get you a bit more traffic..

    3rd step:
    Bookmarking.. Bookmarking is an underestimated instrument to get a tremdously huge amount of targeted traffic to your site..
    On my blog there is a free ebook called „How To Bookmark For FREE TRAFFIC“ (ebook-chicoDOTde/how_to_bookmark_for_free_traffic/) where it is explained step-by-step, how to increase your traffic on your website for free!!!

    4th step:
    NOW you should submit your site to the most important search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, Altavista, and so on.. Submit your Site also to Webcatalogs and web directories.. That are search engines, but real people look which site will be included and which not!

    5th step:
    Write posts to many different forums and talk about your niche.. By that easy way you can get „expert-status“ on your niche shortly.. Only post 3-5 related posts on the topics what your site is about and do not forget to write a signature (best way= P.S. Look What I've found... blablabla) and put a link to your site in it..

    6th step:
    PPC-Advertising.. On this point you better HAVE to know what you are doing!! Otherwise you can get big problems.. The keyword is „Google Adwords“.

    You could imagine that i have the whole PPC-Advertising system explained in an ebook on my index-of-FREE-ebooks blog. Brad Callen explains in his ebook „Google Adwords Made Easy“ (ebook-chicoDOTde/google_adwords_made_easy/) step by step, how to get big results with Adwords.
    Grab you copy of it for free and make much money with PPC-Advertising!!

    Hope I could help you a little bit =)

    Good Luck!!
    Jan Stadermann
    P.S.: You're looking for free ebooks? Are you interested in topics like making much money, affiliate marketing, bookmarking for free traffic, [B]List Marketing, and much much more?! Check wwwDOTebook-chicoDOTde for your own copies

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    nice post man. can i use you opinion to post at my blog at
    Kundalini Reiki Master

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    very very very true friend.. even i manage to get the traffic but no ad clicks..

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    ya man very true it is a very difficult to get money on adsense? still i dont know how people magae to get 1K or more per month while i inspite of having good posts and valued information hardly get $40!

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    Thanks for the tips guys. I only earn around USD20 per month. Will work hard for success. --> free contests, giveaways and sweepstakes --> anything about money

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    Thanks for the tips, mate..
    And for other members who read this, please visit my link and help me click on the ads..

    You sure help a lot!!!!

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    It's not that easy. I wish the payout was a little less than $100. So far I average about 33 cents a day. So I figure I will make $100 a year with Google Adsense. I am trying to make a few blogs that I can have and not need to update that way I have more ads out there for people to click.

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