We are currently gathering creators into one platform. The platform is called FindUpp and here we have artists of any kind: bloggers, photographers, painters, sculptors, videographers, models, actors, musicians, dancers whatsoever. So, it is a search tool for anyone who wants to find any creator (just like Pinterest or Google or Craiglist, but we are focusing ONLY on people and trying to make it much more sophisticated). The platform is free and working worldwide. It is based on a very strong filter, in order to search by specific and several conditions at the same time. Meaning, once you join, your organic audience will be able to find you easier, because they filter out and get a result of exactly what they are looking for. This is not a spam!!! We do genuinely want to help awesome artists to be discovered! So help us to help you and create a profile at FindUpp. Let me know if you need more info, I’m glad to answer any type of questions to clear it out for you.