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Thread: 5 ways you can increase your blogs views

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    5 ways you can increase your blogs views

    this might help you all get some veiws

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    In my opinion the best ways to increase your blog traffic without getting Google Adsense banned, is by using social media platforms like Mix, Tumblr, Reditt, & any other social media you know.....

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    The best way is to SEO optimise your site because that means you'll get passive traffic without having to do anything

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    I think it depends on the type of blog as well. I've heard it can be good to go on forums relating to your niche and naturally link to your posts when they become relevant to the discussion, but to be honest this really hasn't worked for me at all over the last few months. The next thing I am going to try is Pinterest.

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    How can you use reddit to get the best exposure. For me, it is very tricky because if we keep on sharing our posts on reddit, our account will be banned.

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    I think one good thing is to collaborate with other blogs of your same niche

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    running a blog means a complex approach that you need to test whether or not it works out in your case

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    15 gives you the chance to increase your visits and knowledge of your blogs.

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    hot topic´╝îIn line with the trend

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