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Thread: Would love to have my blog reviewed!

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    Would love to have my blog reviewed!

    Hi Everyone,

    Would love some feedback on my blog -

    I'm making changes to the blog posts, so that the text is always black instead of the blue colour. The one thing I can't change is the colour of the tagline of the Blog Heading - where it says "all about chronic pain and invisible illness (and a few other thoughts)". That's a field I'm unable to customize unless I start messing around with CSS, etc.

    Honest thoughts and constructive criticism appreciated.

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    So content looks pretty good and useful.

    But clicking over to your blog, scrolling down and being forced to read all of your posts to find one that suits me can be time consuming for readers

    You have so many posts and for ones that I might want to go back and read, it is hard to find.

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