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Thread: Urgent help new guy into blogging

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    Exclamation Urgent help new guy into blogging

    Hi guys, I'm new into blogging I want to start my own blog about business and entrepreneurship where I will be sharing my very very small experience in this niche.
    The problem is I'm afraid that people don't trust me that much because of my lack of experience (the articles will be from my experience and A LOT of them will be conclusions of what I find on books and other articles), so How I'm going to deal with this problem?
    Thank You!

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    post post and post again. advertise your blog and when people read your content they will build their trust in you

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    Just have to keep putting out content and be persistent - Best of luck!

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    First step, figure out WHY you're blogging and make sure that comes across clearly in your content. Purpose = authenticity = trust

    Then, figure out what questions people in your niche are asking (forums, Quora, Reddit can all be helpful with this. Also try and focus on answering them in your posts. Figure out how you can add real value.

    Then, post and post and post, consistently. Don't give up, you'll get there!

    Good luck!

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    advertise your blog

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    The more you do, the more you learn. The more you write, the more you become the expert. While it won't happen overnight, every step you take (every post you create) gets you closer and closer to Expert.

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    How 'bout building a name instead? Just invent some nickname and follow it when you comment on others' blogs and websites. Once you are experienced, yiu can easily start your own blog and it will be easier to attract traffic.

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    Blog like you have a huge audience. Don't care about what others may think. Just share your honest thoughts.

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    Thumbs up Creating Authority in Blogging

    First you have to understand entrepreneur is a huge and very sensitive topic when it comes to blogging.

    People want to trust you with their business and they have to have a reason to do so.

    Start the blog create 3 best of your content (known as pillar content)

    Promote it with the following methods

    - seo (search engine optimization)

    - article marketing

    - video marketing

    - social media marketing

    - content marketing

    - guest posting

    When you start getting visitors, you want to put a close eye on their comments since they will let you know if what they are getting is nonsense, need to improve or just enough.

    Then you want to visit forums and Q and A sites on your niche, see the questions people are asking and answer them.

    If you do everything correctly then you might just establish yourself as an expert in the industry.

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