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Thread: My blog about SEO, content marketing etc.

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    My blog about SEO, content marketing etc.


    I am in charge of this blog:
    This blog contains useful articles about SEO optimizations, website promotion, social networks etc.

    I have a few questions:

    1) Is it worth to add a tag cloud?
    2) How can I improve by blog? (Advice and criticism welcomed)
    3) Is it a good idea to add some interactive? Like quiz, poll etc.
    4) Is design okay, or I should change something?
    5) Do you think the bear is cool? Or it is better to choose another character?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I liked the topic of word count - something I never considered before

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    What an amazing blog you run! Really appreciated reading on how to use pinterest for blogs and traffic.

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    pretty cool design
    ....Electric cars @ ...

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    When starting out, you probably don't need a tag cloud as your post can be better organised by having good categories. Interactive content is good but in the beginning you won't have many people responding to this kind of content which can make your blog look empty. I think it's better to add this later once you have more traffic

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