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Thread: My first Blog Site

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    My first Blog Site

    Hello, first of all. this is my first blog site. I'm developing the site. what do you think I should add ?

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    been removed ??

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    Mar 2020
    Creative. Using horror stories as your blog.

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    Apr 2020
    The theme is great

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    Very creative idea. Haven't seen a similar blog until yet

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    Very nice horror idea
    ....Electric cars @ ...

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    I would either use orange instead of read in the background picture or use red instead of orange for your text. Currently, the background image and the rest of your theme don't fit together so it doesn't look like a consistent and cohesive website.

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    It's very scary looking, which I'm sure is what you were going for! How is it going? Are you getting much traffic?

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    You need a 'subscribe by email' feature to remind people that you have new content.

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    I am new web developer and I just created my website. Can you give me any suggestion?

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