Formal shoes for men are necessary while dressing for formal events or even for business. Understanding the various men's formal shoe styles is helpful before choosing your ideal pair. Selecting some will be much simpler if you can focus on the styles of men's formal shoes that suit you.

Types of men’s formal shoes available in the market

1. Oxford - The Oxford is one of the most traditional styles of men's formal shoes. It first became popular among the city's university students in the 1800s. Because of the closed lacing, it is a classy men's shoe. Your appearance is made to look neat and stylish.
2. Derby - Actually, the traditional Oxford evolved into the Derby. The open lacing, which means the front of the shoe's seam is not stitched to the lacing, is the primary distinction.
3. Brogue - The characteristic perforations and wingtip pattern of brogues make them easy to identify. The shoe has "broguing," or perforations, on the toe cap and along the edges. By extending the broguing along the edges of the shoe, the wingtip design—also referred to as a "W" shape—is produced.
4. Loafer - Men's loafers are slip-on footwear that can be worn with both casual and formal attire. Get leather loafers with a dark, narrow sole if you decide to use them as dress shoes. Loafers can appear rather casual and look out of place in a business or formal situation if they have chunky, light-coloured soles and uppers made of materials like suede.

With this information, one can be a fan of any or all of the designs of formal shoes. You can select the best style for you now that you are aware of the various types of men's dress shoes that are available.