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    Daily Thoughts

    All of us have so many thoughts that run through our minds every day, a lot of these thoughts we really don't want others to know we are thinking, but we still want to share them and let them out. I know that this is true for me, so i began searching for a way to actually share these thoughts, express them, without anyone knowing who is behind them.
    Luckily, after a bit of searching, i found a platform that allows this. I can post all of my thoughts, without having to worry about anyone figuring out its me.

    Im new to all of this, but here is my blog:


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    I love the section - we expect the worst - too true in todays ago

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    Cool to see - I do enjoy this type of blog - like to see more

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    Red face

    I am new to the blogging world. I am trying to find a platform for my thoughts. I encourage advise or response to thought. My life experience. To let others know my life insights. I know my story and paths taken might just help another know that you can get through this. I believe that you must "Just breathe and tie another knot in that rope we call our lives. So please I welcome responses, input etc. I hope that after all the time I sat quiet wondering how to get through life. Because how I was doing it was not working very well. My one platform is
    With Respect

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    Be Happy and rock.

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    Awesome! I didn't know such a platform exists.. may need to get into that! I love your blog! It's great to unload our thoughts without judgement right!?

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