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Thread: Combine Outlook PST Files

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    Combine Outlook PST Files

    Which is user-friendly interface to combine pst outlook file in best and quick way ?

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    There's an easy manual trick you can try to merge multiple PST files into a single file. It requires no 3rd party software or any other cost. You just need to use Microsoft Outlook client, that's it. Microsoft Outlook has an Import feature which can help you import data from multiple PST files into a single file.
    visit here to follow this link :-

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    Here I highly recommend you to use KDEtools PST Merge tool which is a one-stop solution to combine multiple PST files into one PST without installing MS Outlook. The tool designed in such a way that it has a simple GUI making it easier for all and use it effortlessly.

    Advanced Features of PST Merger:

    - Add multiple PST into single PST including all data and attachments.
    - Removes dupliactes PST files while merging the batch PST files.
    - Performs Quick and safe conversion.
    - Merge contacts and Calendars of PST files into new or existing PST file.
    - Joins ANSI and UNICODE PST Files.
    - Supports all the editions of Outlook and Windows.

    Download For Free and Install:

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    If you want to merge multiple PST files of any versions of MS Outlook then you can use ToolsGround Merge Outlook PST Software. This Software successfully merges your Multiple Outlook PST files into single PST format according to year. It maintains data of your emails as previous without any changes and loss.

    More Info:-

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