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Thread: new blog

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    it wont let me see the blog

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    My name is Alex and my fiancee is writing her Master Thesis about Blogging in the Times of COVID-19. If you could take some of your time and answer to this survey - it would help lots.
    Looking forward to your response and best regards.

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    Apr 2020
    I was not able to access your page.
    It has something to do with self-hosted blog using Jetpack plugin

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    Jul 2020
    You will need an SSL certificate. At the moment your connection is not secure meaning you won't get much traffic. I'd suggest you speak to your host

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    Hi.... im also new here. Please visit our site once.

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    New blog - feedback appreciated!

    new to this site and new to blogging as well. we've JUST launched our blog, after months of hard work behind the scenes.

    it's called explore-connect-share and we're pretty pleased with the result. will post a link after we're not "too newbie" here to be able to do so. we're all for playing by the rules!

    off to check out more of this wonderful site and meet some new friends!
    explore. connect. share.

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