Hi all,

My name is Agatha but my friends like to call me Aggy.
I am a writer and this is the first time I’ve set up a blogging account.
Recently I ditched Facebook permanently and I discovered a fascinating gentleman online called Cal Southport. Cal has NEVER had a Facebook or social media account, you can check him out on YT. Mind blown! Anyway I digress, I am a big Ted talk fan, I love reading as much as writing and I’ll read anything so long as it’s a great storyline I can sink my teeth into. Some of my fav authors are:-
Trudi Canavan
Maria V Snyder
JK Rowling
Veronica Roth
Stephen King
Carol Matthews

It would be great to connect with other budding readers and or writers on here.

I am also a fully certified and qualified advanced life coach.i help people in any areas of life, no real niche market and I like to keep my fees low because at the end of the day I’m in this to help people, the moneys nice but my best job satisfaction is seeing how I can help turn peoples lives around for the better.

I am also a wife and a mother so I know the true value of free time and family time.

And that’s about it!

Aggy x