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Thread: New To Blogging, How much content does a blog need before going public?

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    blogging is important for your website so as the content is.The quality of content is very important if your website is very new. Inorder to bring your website at the top of search engine rankings, a minimum of 2000 words are needed (this is my personal experience as my website is also very new).If it is 10 k words blog, your website will rank no:1 , if it meets quality perspective too.

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    I say go man ... but alert your readers to keep checking for updates ... and don't disappoint them

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    Hello everyone!
    I am also new to this blogging world.

    I would really appreciate if you guys go through. All suggestions and feedback are welcome with wide open arms

    I write posts at

    Thank you!

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    Completely agree, quality over quantity. Topically dependent too. But focus on high quality, circa 1500 word blog posts. You won't need many, then it's all about driving the traffic to the site.

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    quality should be well maintained

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    3 good original quality content is better than 100 scraped content. If you can create at least 500 plus words article with images and videos then it will be awesome. Also, don't forget the social media sharing buttons. And if you are planning to monetize it later, a good research on keyword or tag will go a long way.

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    The important thing about blogging is consistency in updating your blog with new content. Therefore i advise you to go public immediately however you should share new content consistent ly.

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    I went public right away. Lol Follow your creative sparks of inspiration and dont force it. And it will be wonderful.

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    My name is Alex and my fiancee is writing her Master Thesis about Blogging in the Times of COVID-19. If you could take some of your time and answer to this survey - it would help lots.
    Looking forward to your response and best regards.

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