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Thread: How to write a blog article without plagiarising?

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    How to write a blog article without plagiarising?

    It’s my first blog and it will be about investing and finance in general. I want to start by writing a blog article about the ‘investment code’. I’ve read three of some of the most important books one can read in investing, very technical and for financial readers and not for somebody who has had little or no experience or knowledge in finance or investing (I’m a second year finance student with a strong history of economics and researching on investments).

    So I want to write an article laying out the important principles every investor needs: it will mostly stem off of one book (this one book is the least technical out of the three, and anyone can understand it, even if you don’t have financial experience). But I don’t want to end of just copying this books’s style, rhythm and purpose, because, well, then people might as well just read the book. So how do I avoid becoming an echoe of a book, which could easily lead into a article that is more than fifty percent quotated.

    Alternatively, you could say I am amalgamating investing principles I’ve researched from these three books, making my future blog article very useful.

    It’s my first blog article, hence, why I’m panicking about starting the right way.

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    be creative, thinkful and wise

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    You can write the stuffs in your own words and cite them for safety .

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    Don't panic and take it slow, you will get better over time

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