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Thread: Staying together through infertility

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    Staying together through infertility

    Hello blogging community!

    I hope that everyone is having a great summer and that your relationships are in flow and full of love.

    Ive recently put together my facebook page for my IN-fertility coaching services. I decided on the name IN-fertility because either getting a diagnosis of a disease like PCOS or endometriosis etc and having to live with the fact of knowing you may not be able to have children, or that it will be difficult, can be extremely unsettling. There can be a knock on effect in:-

    Your mental and physical wellbeing
    Work performance

    Feelings of guilt and shame pinch and peck at you making it difficult for you to be happy, jaelousy reigns supreme when you see people happy and in love expecting a baby, maybe someone you know got pregnant easily and you cant help it, so then you resent that person, become bitter and anxious. You argue with your partner frustrated and at your wits end. Every area of your life is beginning to become infertile because youve forgotten how to get enjoyment out of life.

    So I want to give people back Fertility in the areas of their life that they CAN control. Suicide is on the rise espeically among men, the figures show that more men are likely to end their life over a diagnosis of infertility then women.

    You can have a healthy mind and body, relationship, friendships, be happy for people expecting and embrace and join in on the joy, you can have an amazing life, its all about adjusting to expectation of having a baby and then realisation that it may be a bit challenging so it just takes a bit of re-thinking for your mind.

    Dont suffer in silence, everything spoken about in sessions with me is completely private and confidential unless I feel that you might be a danger to yourself or someone else.

    I also specialise with dating and relationships, even though I specialise with infertility and. The effects this has on peoples lives.

    Coaching is not about telling you what to do or re-hashing the past. Its about empowering you to realise that all your fears, worries and self limiting belief are in your mind, its my job as a coach to get you to bipass these things to be able to step into your power and conquer your fears, allowing you live a fulfilling and exciting life, the life you want and deserve.

    Check me out

    Facebook :- Emma Hillman Advanced infertility coach

    Thank you for reading

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    God sees us through all our challenges

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    I have heard that infertility can be a subconscious belief that one or both of you have, from your past that doesn't either want a child or in some way is working against your conscious desire for one. I would suggest meditating and reviewing your past and see if there are any parts of yourself that this may be true for. Once you find that part of you, find resolve and get it on board. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    And you begin again and sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, but you begin again. Even though your heart is breaking, in time the sun will shine and you will begin again. ~Ryazzz

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