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    Hello fabulous community on bloggerhub!

    My name is Emma and I am a fully qualfied advanced Dating and relationship coach. I am here for all of your dating and relationship needs! After bad relationships and break ups I had to do some soul searching with the help of a life coach who got me back on track, the amazing results I had from that and finding success in love again, gave me the passion and drive to want to do this for other people.

    Examples of where I might be able to help you are:-

    After a break up

    A relationship that you want to get back on track.

    Your not very confident and would like to be more confident.

    You dont love yourself and have lost a sense of identity and who you were, perhaps before a love lost.

    Whatever your matters of the heart are im here to help!

    My first hour consultation is completely FREE and then afterwards if you decide that my coaching services are just what you need to get love back into your life again and to bring you confidence and healing from the pain of heartache, then please do message me. I am on facebook and my link to my page is here:-

    Im very much looking forward to connecting with you, I do all my coaching via zoom (video calling), and or email. So you can choose which method youd like to adopt be it for the video calling, or if your short on time perhaps emailing coaching would be more beneficial to you. Alongside the sessions you will have unimited phone and email support from me as well.

    Take care and Speak to you soon.

    Emma xx

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    Keep up

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    Hey, Contact Me.

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