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Thread: a freelancer does many different tasks

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    a freelancer does many different tasks

    Hi everyone this is Johnny From hmm, I would rather not say where I come from. But, sometimes this the way I teach my students.

    repeated events: we use adverbs of frequency like always, usually

    I always get up early in the morning

    Note: also it is habitual action in some grammatical books

    He smokes cigarettes

    General facts

    I live in Tehran

    Ice melts at 0 degree

    . simple present can be used in newspaper headlines



    dramatic narrative: describing the action of a play, opera. Commentators use simple present to describe the sports events

    state verbs


    Be, exist

    Mental states

    Believe, doubt, know, realize, recognize, suppose, think, understand

    Wants and likes

    Want, like, love, hate, need, prefer


    Belong, have/has, possess, own


    Feel, smell, taste


    Appear, look, seem

    She has a house

    I do not believe in god

    I think you are tired

    in zero conditional and in first conditional

    Zero: if you heat ice, it melts

    First: if you give me 100$, I will but a DVD playe
    this is how i teach my students

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    Oh sure! A freelancer does that indeed

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