Hey guys. Most of us are youtubers who do different types of content. Some ro vlogs, streams, lives, and other type of videos. Everyones working hard and trying to achieve some point where it becomes beneficial besides fun.
Everyones trying to improve their content with something, everytime, by little, sometimes we find new styles, fonts, subjects, and so on.
One of the best way to make your content more interesting, is obviously music, because besides an image u also want sound in a video. If you just download some music and render it with ur video and poat on utube u might get in trouble because it is not legal to "steal"stuff like that.
To use music in your videos you must have a file, signed by the developer of the track that gives u a permussiom to uae its songs or tracks. Its called licence.
For those that are having trouble paying for their music, or those who simply dont want to do it, you are welcomed to my ch. I am a producer, and i make music that you can use for free in any way in your videos anytime, anyhow. All you need to do, is choose a track ud like to use, and pm me ur email and the track and i will send u a licence.
I upload every few days sometines every day, different genres and stuff.

Also, to those who really read all that, and i still got youre attention, drop youre link, explain youre ch content in short, ill give it a review if u want ??