I am Stanley Bolten. I operate a blog about a man who was wrongfully convicted. He was convicted on fraudulent evidence. False confession that was proven as such, forensic report has no affidavit and has no details about what was found. It was all slapped together to stop this man from talking about political corruption in Rockingham County, North Carolina.

The purpose of my blog is to promote the truth, to give links to the federal court documents for the Middle District of North Carolina federal case.

He is currently petitioning for Writ of Habeas Corpus on the ground of actual innocence. I am trying to get as much traffic to my blog right now because the Feds have been proven to have placed a perjurer to lie at a federal hearing which is felony perjury (18 U.S.C. Section 1621) and caught them with subornation of perjury (18 U.S.C. Section 1622) as well as obstructkion of justice. Now they are pushing for a mass censorship sealing gag order which will shut down my blog and shut down every place that hosts the court documents, then demand a pre-filing injunction prohibiting Brian from filing any federal or state case and be barred from filing any valid evidence without asking permission from the Court and get no objection from the corrupt US Attorney that obstructed justice. A sheer conflict of interest, ethics violations, and corruption.

A innocent man is on Federal Probation following conditions that are clearly illegal when an innocent man was wrongfully convicted and convicted by fraud.

I hope others will get to know about my blog, download the court documents and review over them, and maybe some lawyers that operate blogs will also consider looking at my blog and consider helping this man get justice. Get him out of the fraud that the Government did to hurt an innocent blogger who was a blogger that was sued by Righthaven.

w w w. nytimes . com/2011/05/03/business/media/03righthaven.html (NYTimes is not spam)

He was featured in the New York Times and the Las Vegas newspaper that was once titled the Las Vegas Sun by news reporter Steve Green. He used to operate the USWGO Alternative News hobby blog but now he is a wrongfully convicted false offender.

The only way his conviction will be overturned legitimately is by the American people reviewing over his criminal case files and make a determination on this since the Federal Court which his case is filed in, has a history of corruption and highly successful criminal conviction rate. Everybody takes a guilty plea or loses the Jury trial except for people like former politician John Edwards. Only less than 1 percent get out of their convictions or get out of their charges because they can afford $300,000 attorneys.

I will also contribute by reviewing other peoples blogs and I will do the best I can to contribute to this forum. However I do ask for your help in reading my blog posts, download the court documents, share them on your blog, get them uploaded to other platforms. Get the wrongful conviction of Brian D. Hill out in the open.

Federal Courts shouldn't be corrupt and shouldn't operate in the dark. We need to bring the darkness to light because it protects our Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press.

Your blog, my blog, everybodies blogs are protected either under Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, or both. The Press means presenting facts and talking about current events. The Speech means having opinions and talking about what we believe and stating our viewpoints and arguments.

The founding fathers would support blogs because it is a place where even the poorest person can have a voice.

I am for the Constitution, equal justice and fair protection under the laws. I hate to see an innocent man facing judicial corruption at the hands of a corrupt State Senator and his son was formerly the District Attorney over that criminal case before it became federal. Conflicts of interest all around.

I hope you will accept me and my blog into your debate community and that we can agree or disagree, but the truth needs to come out about his wrongful conviction and the mass sealing orders the corrupt US Attorney wants to place on their victim of miscarriage of justice. They haven't got it yet but hopefully thousands of people will see my blog before they come after their frame up victim.

I don't care if somebody is rich or poor. Every American citizen is entitled to a fair trial, equal protections under the law, the right to cross examine the witnesses, the right to due process, the right to examine and inspect and photocopy the evidence before the trial to come up with a innocence defense, and the right to compel witnesses to testify in his/her favor.

We take the criminal justice system for granted. Now we may not even have justice in certain federal and state courts anymore. Just is being destroyed, justice be damned. They are destroying our civil liberties and our rights are being destroyed by corrupt permanent Judges that act above the law with impunity.