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Thread: My new post

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    My new post

    I need reviews..

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    Ill go look at yours. Will you do the same for mine

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    just says ok is sthe site down?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hackingmisconceptions View Post
    just says ok is sthe site down?
    Same, it wouldn't load for me either.

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    Thumbs up Unleash The Sportsmanship With Sport Shoes

    Being active is one of the most important aspects of physical fitness, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, the epidemic showed us that there is still time to think about improving oneself, and that running is a step in that direction. How prepared is the running industry to meet the unique demands of runners, though, in a country like India, where running has started to lag behind in the past ten years?

    Until the end of the last decade, India had only a few non-timed distance running events, and in the past few years, this has increased with over 1 million people registering for and participating in such events. The number of trail runners is growing, but there's a problem: It's difficult to find a nice pair of running shoes that fit well and are easily accessible online.

    From where do Indians purchase running shoes or sports shoes?

    Indian markets are flooded with good running shoes at best prices. And most of us do prefer to visit the nearest shoe store to get the perfect pair for the sport. Consumers in India can find products on websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra. But they haven't yet offered well-organized catalogues for running or sports shoes. The current lack of options and poorly organised online product categories make it difficult for runners to purchase the shoes they want. However, this is not true of every sport shoe brand.

    Take, for instance, Furo Sport by Red Chief, a well-organised online store for all your sport needs, whether you are looking for some classic black sport shoes or a running shoe at the best price. You can also check out their athleisure collection and whatnot.

    Online retailers and brands have the opportunity to bridge the gap of unorganised catalogues and reach out to customers with a lot of options in the sports segment. Sport shoe retailers and e-commerce businesses should ramp up their user information bases.

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