Hi there,

I've been blogging for a lot of time but have never had considerable success. The problem is traffic.

I've had blogs with 20 articles and no more than 20 visitors a month.

I've tried optimizing a website and building links back to it in 2012 which was exhausting and only brought me 90 visitors a day. Lately it didn't work.

The content is informative and helpful.

Some people say to just focus on building helpful content but I recently created this youtube channel and 2 others (30 videos in total) and got nearly no visitors: Anxiety Mentor

I know the videos are not amazing but I've created amazing videos before and the results are the same (I studied cinematography).

Of course, I've had some videos with good traffic but it's extremely rare that it happens.

My life hasn't been good in the last years because I have not been able to generate much money from the things I do.

Would someone please give me some advice on how to get traffic for real? on how to make money with my skills?

Nothing I've heard of and tried has worked well ((

really hope to find an answer