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Thread: Ex has moved on and I'm still utterly devastated

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    Ex has moved on and I'm still utterly devastated

    I met with my ex, and we had a great time. But.. he does not want me back. I am devastated. I just cannot seem to get over him. Aside from my self-esteem taking a HUGE hit, I just lose it and cry every day. I know all of the "there is someone better out there" "you'll find an even better guy" etc etc etc. I know. I know. I know. But I can't get over this one. He was so wonderful to me, so good looking, quality guy. And now im left feeling like what was so wrong with me that "he just wasnt feeling it anymore". What is it about me that he's just bam. over me, so quickly. Does he ever think about me? did i ever mean anything to him? what went wrong? I can't wrap my head around any of it. I feel strongly he did not cheat on me. But he had no answer other than just wasnt feeling it.

    Im not in or near a big city. I'd compare it to like a big city suburb sized town. But the dating scene here is just awful. Getting back out there and distracting myself hasnt exactly gone well. Additionally, I don't exactly have many friends here. I moved here for work and turned down a job in another state for this guy (ugh, I know) and have no family here, and really just have small talk with co-workers/the people at workout classes and yoga.

    Any advice on how to get over someone who is already over you? God I don't want to think about if he has someone new, and the thought of never seeing or hearing from him again is just gut wrenching.

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    Heartbreak and Breakups are the worst, if you haven't already maybe you could try blocking him on any social media platform that you have. seeing what he's doing and getting up to isn't ideal and would make you think about him and miss him more. the best advice I can give is putting yourself out there and allowing yourself to heal.

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