First, you can use this method with Adsense

Second way, we hear many ways to profit from YouTube channels and blogging via adsense, yes that's true
But I will tell you that this is not the only way

links shortcut
We usually use or when we add a game link in the article or in the video description
If your site or channel specializes in games as an article
Or you may add the link directly without a shortcut

All of these methods above the shortcut links do not earn you money

Here, a site may not offer you a service to shorten links and earn money, as the site pays you $ 20 per 1000 people by clicking on the link
If your traffic is from Third World countries, you can earn $ 3.4 minimum per 1000 views for the shortcut link

*What distinguishes the site so I do it
You can withdraw your profits with a minimum of $ 1
Daily payments
Supports several banks: paypal, payeer, skrill, pm , BITCOIN

How it works :

login to your oturl account
enter a website url By clicking new shorten link in the white box (e.g www .google. com) and click - shorten
copy and paste the oturl link you are given on to your website, in to a forum post or blog post, facebook status, twitter post etc
Every time someone clicks on that link, you will earn money

basically when posting messages on the internet, replace any normal link with oturl. links

link website oturl. com


oturl. com/pages/proof-of-payment