Restore your overall wellness and just relax with a professional massage.
Reward yourself with the soothing gentle touch and warm care that only a highly skilled beautiful Professional Massage Therapist can bring.
Trained in the special art of Asian Body Massage Therapy, this is a total body on body experience you don’t ever want to miss! We offer a complete rejuvenation and relaxation package for every hardworking person in the metro. Free yourself from your stress and worries, let our therapists massage your blues away.
We offer a great service that includes
• Body wash (Total satisfaction)
• Original premium massage gel (Because we never settle for less)
• Special waterproof mattress covers for your bed (Worry-free convenience)
• With transportation already included in the package
Pamper yourself and get what you deserve now!

Contact us:
Metro Manila Landline:
02 517-1536
Angeles City Landline:
045 437-4486
0999 673 1868
0919 377 3756
0906 527 5730
0995 765 2892