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    Lightbulb CLUELESS IN ASIA

    This ‘blog’ documents my real-life experiences living and working in Asia, as a westerner.

    Let me begin by saying that since my journey in Asia began, blogging has always been something that I’ve considered doing. I feel as if I have seen and experienced too much to not share with others, that maybe haven’t had the experience of venturing to Asia.

    Firstly, I wouldn’t consider this blog to be a ‘travel blog’ per se, rather an open diary of my experiences living in Asia, broken down into separate subjects. This diary is written in chronological order, starting from when I first left for China and eventually catching up to my current life here, from behind my shoji screen in Japan. During this timeline, I will cover topics such as food, work life, expenses, accommodation, crime, culture, and so much more.

    The theme at times will be juxtaposed between satire, turpitude and most palpably, vexation. The experiences that I share with you are all true, they serve as an unsolicited, unbiased, and unendorsed truth.

    I hope that the stories I share will help anyone who is considering living and working in Asia, more specifically, China and Japan.

    My name is Lee, and every Thursday I will share with you how I went from being a clueless alumnus, to clueless in Asia.

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    Love it! recently visited Asia and I always like to read peoples perspectives on the culture and what they find interesting

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