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Thread: I Scratch Your Back, You Scrathc Mine

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    yeah... i think

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaytwo77 View Post
    I have a better idea.

    Post your blog here, then I will register to whatever your blog has in earning money (payperclicks, surveys, referrals, etc). That is if I havnt registered on it yet.

    In return, you visit mine, and register to whatever I have that makes me earn..


    Post reply whoever is interested..

    Take care all..
    Huh?! What do you mean?
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    Nice idea........

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    Nice idea man .. Maybe more people should get in on this .. But I think these tactics would be short term .. would be difficult to contnously find people to take surveys or register ..

    I feel the best way is to just stick to adsense and affiliate marketing

    I can't really post my site now .. but I will get back here whe I'm done with my 15 posts
    Visit for absolute NO NONSENSE Blog tips

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