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Thread: fun, free game you can make money on :)

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    fun, free game you can make money on :)

    I just stumbled across a cool and addictive online web-based game with pirates and stuff
    You can plunder villages, search islands and even plunder other pirates and steal their gold >
    The game has just changed owners and have re-launched now in march, so if you want to be in the game from the beginning now is your chance!
    And the best part... at the end of the month you can cash in your pirated gold for real money! =) (And yes, it really works, just check out the prizes and payments section to see how much alot of people have gotten sofar)
    The game is funded by ads, so the more people joining, the more money for the ones who do well
    It's quite easy to get started and make money, upgrading your ship etc.
    So if you're bored or just looking for fun, check out
    ! You wont regret it

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    OK. We'll get to that soon, but I think Forex trading on FreshForex is pretty good for now. You can make over $200 a day from here, which is totally impossible from your side.

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