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Thread: Radu says hello

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    Radu says hello

    Hello bloggers,
    I work in IT field, meatime being a keen hiker and mountain-biker (when time allows).
    I also have a passion for the medieval history, I run a tiny (really tiny, that's just 3 of us) travel agency in Romania, together with my partner. And another tiny web-promoting business.
    Have visited France and Italy and plan a trip by car (Romania -> Italy) in about one month from now.
    I blog for myself, but if there will be some money coming I wouldn't mind of course . Anyway blogging is not a real source of income for me (at least by now).

    If someone thinks I could help with advices in IT, Web-marketing or traveling (including outdoor sports) field, just ask, I'd be glad to help if I can!

    That's all,

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    Welcome and thanks for the offer!

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